Frequently Asked Questions

How can I train with you?

I am available for private training and semi-private training, and I also teach several group fitness classes, including kettlebell classes, unconventional fitness classes, and interval classes in Long Beach, CA. If you are not in the area, I am also available for Online Coaching as well.

What kind of Personal Training do you offer?

I work with my personal training clients on an individual basis to assess their current fitness levels, their goals, their needs and their must-haves in a fitness plan and create a comprehensive strength and conditioning program just for them. My workouts are fun, challenging, and help make you feel better and move better.

What kind of Online Coaching do you offer?

My online coaching includes month long workout plans tailored specifically to your goals and needs, video chatting services to ensure that proper movement patterns are developed, and online goal tracking to make sure that your workouts are keeping you on track to meet your specific goals.

What levels of fitness do you train?

I train all levels from beginner to high-level athlete.

Where are you located?

I am located in Long Beach, CA.