Kettlebell Snatch practice

"uniquely personalized to my needs..."

My workouts from Lauren were uniquely personalized to my needs, which included losing weight, building muscle, and getting a quality workout in at the gym in less than an hour. Lauren delivered all fronts and her workouts kept me challenged while having fun and getting my sweat on. She responded quickly to any requests I had, such as giving me specific weight lifting recommendations for certain exercises. All the workouts were tailored to include equipment available to me and that I enjoyed from the rowing machine, to kettlebells to barbells, and more. Lauren's rate is a steal and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change up their fitness routine and see results. — Ryah Cooley [Online Coaching Client]
Barbell Press

"i am excited to see her every week..."

Lauren has been amazing to work with and is definitely the perfect trainer for me. She has helped dispel the stereotypes of those super harsh and pushy tv trainers. She is kind and smart and pays attention to what my body needs. We always move at my pace, though she constantly has new things for me to try and conquer. I have done fitness and strength things with Lauren that I've never done before in my life and never thought I would or could. Because of her gentle and steady encouragement and enthusiasm I have been able to grow in strength, stamina and confidence and I am excited to see her every week. She's the best. A 12/10, and I could not recommend her more highly. — Andrea Troutner
Kettlebell Double Swing

"the encouragement never stops..."

I have had the pleasure of working with her both in person and through Online Coaching. I have Fibromyalgia and some pretty wonky knees and through my programming, it is evident that she pays attention to that. I have also been competing beside her in Kettlebell Sport for a few years and ever since she started training me, my form and endurance has gotten so much better. She really pushes you to do better in the best way possible and the encouragement never stops. She also isn't one of those trainers that just writes a program and sends it and never checks in... she makes sure to remember to check in weekly to make sure things are working. She is simply the best. — Maria DeMesa [Online Coaching Client]
Prowler crawl